Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holy mother of all that is decent!

Is that what you call normal!!!! Today was just unfathomably atrocious. It could have been worse, it always could be worse. I made money, got very nice tips especially in the morning. One customer and her child took me to Stuyvesant Town from Central Park and from a 11 dollar ride, she gave me a twenty. I had a few others give me five dollar tips. I suppose this makes up for yesterday when everyone was so fed up with traffic that they didn't tip so much. One guy on Saturday gave me a fifty for a 22 dollar ride and I gave him thirty-eight back, oops!!! ten dollars I could've had in my pocket, lost to some jerk who doesn't understand the way the universe works, much less, the traffic flow of New York City.

I checked the Gridlock Sam page at about 8:30 in the morning, and while it did help with a few things, it gave me a total bogus report: A parade was supposedly going to go down 7th Ave from 42nd Street to 23rd, and then down to Broadway?? Starting at noon?? I wasn't sure what that meant. Well apart from seeing the east bound side of 23rd get jammed up at 9th avenue on down at 20 minutes BEFORE noon, I saw no evidence of any such parade. I took drastic steps to avoid the alleged parade that never happened in Times Square by taking 9th Avenue, DUH there was a street fair there, I knew that, but it's hard to remember all of the relentless fuck ups, that New York had gift wrapped for today's taxi driver.

So if you were waiting for a cab for a long time, you know why:
-Israeli Pride Parade, 5th Avenue 86th to 61st
-A.I.D.S. Walk, Upper West Side, Central Park West, 74th street, Riverside Drive
-Street Fares at 9th Ave between 57th and 38th Streets 
-and 3rd Ave between 14th and 23rd
-and Amsterdam between 77th and who cares
-and perhaps another parade, or walk going down broadway or 7th ave from 42 to 23, but so short that it barely existed

in addition, the West Side Highway sucked going downtown, so did 11th Avenue. When planning events, and street closures, you would think the city would look into making them distributed far from one another so that they don't screw up an entire section of the City, or two, or three!!!!

And Broadway isn't closed yet, so don't narrow the lanes down to two already!!! it screwed up the entire Times Square.

Oh and Saturday, who was the genius who thought it was a good idea not just to close 65th between Columbus and Central Park West, but also to close 68th!???!  all the crosstown traffic was forced onto 64th Street, I would've taken 68th! My customer was extremely impatient. Very bad planning New York, for shame!

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Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

tell me about it brother. i would have felt much better about giving away ten dollars if the person understood wasn't completely ignorant of how the universe works. with enough decency we acquire this awareness via intuition if nothing else.