Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mid shift, and advice:

Oh wow I'm doing fantastic all of the sudden, everybody and their family is out and about and they all want a taxi experience. It is dead right now of course, but still, the amount of people who pop out of no where and need a quick ride some where is almost as frequent as it is during winter, you just need to look for them. there is some sort of run in central park I think so my best guess would be to check the Upper East Side or where ever else you think people live who'll go running are. People who aren't gonna take the train or bus that is, or, run. You never know when somebody might need an airport ride, and it might do you better to just drive the residential neighborhoods. But a safer bet would be to wait by a fast moving hotel line and take people to the museums and monuments. The hotel lines are not going to give you an airport, it'll take to long if they do. 

So summer is finally here and you NEED to check this webpage after 8am on weekends. They futz with the traffic, and you got to get around it all. Bookmark that thing.


Anonymous said...

hi (michael?),

we met a while back. cool pictures!

not sure whether this is how you suggested i get in contact with you but i don't see another way here. . . .

i'm in 2 tudor and do electric work. You met me and my daughter a few weeks back.

give a call or let me know if you're still interested in that dimmer job.

i'm rob and the doormen all know me.


NYC taxi photo said...

Wow, I think I know the guy your looking for, his email is:

Good guy, always around, always working. good luck, let me know if you get this, and if he's the guy.