Sunday, March 22, 2009

oops, change in that fair

Update on that street fair on Christopher

I doubt it's even going on anymore, they usually stop at 6 latest, but-

, it actually went from Greenwich Ave to 7th Ave. And so the traffic deverting probably wasn't as bad as I thought. It effects Waverly place traffic that wants to go to Christopher and west 4th in the direction of Hudson Street. As I said they'd have to go to Barrow, and Bedford via Barrow. But the traffic at Ninth street would merely take Greenwich up to Charles, and that isn't so bad.


Anonymous said...

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also could you please..pretty please add a link to the forum to your link area?

NYC taxi photo said...

sure, I'll try promote my next post on your forum. Sounds good.

NYC taxi photo said...

Actually I don't think I see a place for it on the sidebar, I got the links to blogs like yours near the top, and the taxi forums are more for New York. I'll put in a link to yours on my next post though

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Thanks
No worries on the sidebar link,