Monday, February 23, 2009

Police taxi update-

For all you police and taxi geeks out there, here's  a photo update of the latest police cars with taxi markings.

The real taxi

the police car

The police have corrected the earlier license plate problems, and now have license plates that match the medallion number on the roof, but still have the black side markings, the antenna things on the trunk, and dual exhaust from the police interceptor models they drive. However with these new fake advertisement tops they have, a whole new obvious aesthetic difference appears: a completely different top without even an illuminable medallion number. Smaller differences appear too: no turn signals on the roof, and I think they have windows for cameras inside the top. Despite all these differences, The car serves it's purpose: to pull unsuspecting motorists over, most likely for driving under the influence. 

These cars usually drive at night, and when they pull you over all you see is the front of their car. While you were partying and driving drunk with your friends, you were too distracted to notice the three poker faced individuals with Yankee hats in the partition-less taxi next to you. They make their presence known with flashing sirens responding to calls in the dead of night sometimes too.


ChickenUnderwear said...

Most of my (former) students who got busted for smoking pot during a class break said the cops came out of a cab.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of this post last night. I was on 52nd between 3rd and Lex and happened to see one of these outside a precinct (the 17th I think)....anyway, this one looked REAL I mean REALLY real. The only way I knew it wasn't a real cab was the lack or partition, the seat belts, and the fact that it was parked with the other NYPD fleet.