Friday, January 9, 2009

Too Many Cabs Make Too Little Money In Dublin

I thought this video was astonishing. The city of Dublin has more taxis than New York City. The adverse effects have been apparent. Visit the taxi-blog friends below, and watch the video. 

Irish Taxi - The State We're In

Dublin Taxi - Over Subscribed


Riyan said...

Hi, i just got laid off my job so i was wondering can U make any money running NYC taxi cab these days ?

NYC taxi photo said...

yes, you still can. there are lots of positives to cab driving and lots of negatives to driving a cab. I suppose it's all worth a post itself. I would recommend it to my friends, not only because I wish them some extra cash, but I also wish them more sense of responsibility and savvy.

The biggest negative though is that pay is very unreliable, it varies greatly between 200 bucks and negative 40 bucks, yeah you can loose money sometimes, and if you loose money it's probably because you got tickets which also can lead to you loosing your license. I can't say what the average income is, because every time I think I know what the average is, it changes, it depends on the weather, the time, and if it is a holiday or near one.

When people are new they can wind up making 40 dollars a day, then 80, it takes about a year to figure things out. you pay for gas, and you pay for the car, so much of the shift is spent making the money it takes to pay for that. also each shift is 12 hours, and some people will take their car for 24 hours, with some sleep in between. So even when the money appears to be good, you must remember that the cabbie has worked 12 hours a day.

Still I highly recommend it. There is a huge feeling of pride to be driving a new york icon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lucky!

NYC taxi photo said...

No prob Roy

Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

Pride? You betcha! Honor. Discipline. No, not the Marines. The NYC taxicab.

King of New York Hacks said...

wow , dublin is messed up. I have to renew my license and I totally didnt know about the continuing education bullshit course we have to take, I'll be taking it thursday morning, then sending my application overnight express so it gets to TLC on time, I expire the 18th !!! Always something with the tlc !!
BUT , at least we have our pride.
Great post lucky.

NYC taxi photo said...

uh oh your scaring me, is that the course you take after the probationary year? yeah it was just an hour of fun and games, just a reason to spend the 20 bucks or whatever.

John said...

The clip was removed ,but Roy had a backup. I think it will all end in tears.
Keep up the good work.