Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11/23 Shift Shots and Reflections

Long Island City, Queens

Lower East Side

My second ride that sunday before last, was an interesting follow up to the French guys the day before. While we headed uptown he placed a call for an order. Much like you and I when we get hungry at an odd hour we request delivery of a pizza or Chinese food, this guy was requesting a woman. I suppose he had a nervous tick in his voice, but still he was way too casual for requesting a girl. I overheard him say, "Can you make sure she calls me before she comes up? Yes apartment PH." He wished me a good night, and I casually wished him the same and as typical as any shift, I went on to pick up another 20 rides.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Long Island Expressway, Sunnyside, Queens

The highlight of my day was the above. I got lucky managing to find an airport trip to JFK. The trips to JFK at sunrise are a very important part of getting the most money out of the day shift during weekends. Bust also, the timing was just right to see one of the most beautiful sunrises I'd seen in the city.

Sunnyside, Queens

I wind up here often, in Sunnyside, to avoid paying the toll for the Midtown Tunnel by taking the 59th Street Bridge instead when I return to business in Midtown Manhattan.

Upper West Side

Yes I know this picture is pretty badly exposed, but I kinda like it. It's typical early morning winter light just after sunrise. I feel winter light is extra contrasty in the mornings, but I guess being between these buildings and driving straight into the low sun doesn't do much to prove my theory.

Greenwich Village
IMG_0396 copy

Penn Station, West Midtown
IMG_0404 copy

This Ford Escape hybrid taxi impressively fit these two bags and then two more even larger ones all in the trunk. While it may be tighter on legroom and might be a tighter squeeze for four passengers, I think the Escape can hold more luggage than a Crown Victoria. Also the legroom is less of an issue with the small S.U.V. since the seats are placed higher. Yes seeing all that luggage fit in the car makes me think these are still the best candidates for our new taxicabs.


Again just like the day before, on the post before, 5th Avenue madness had arrived at about 1 p.m. and it was more congested than saturday too. Actually I believe this picture was taken around noon. I headed back in to the madness at 1:30 or so and it was even worse. 

Upper West Side

Central Park 

And I ended my day with some nature. After driving people to The Museum of Natural History I went through the park and got a fare to Columbia University. It is a beautiful neighborhood up there, so when I went back down Morningside Drive I had to stop and take in the view. 

Morningside Heights

Behind the Cathedral of St John the Devine, possibly the largest Cathedral in the world, there is a park separating Morningside Heights from Central Harlem. And from the Drive there are several terraces to look out on all these buildings spanning from 110th Street to 125th or farther. It's staggering to see such a populated city so far from midtown, in most places the scene would meet the criteria of an urban center, and yet I was three miles from Midtown.

Morningside Park 
Untitled_Pan_Morningside copy
 Click here for the larger picture. The panorama didn't work perfectly, the tree on the right got disconnected from itself. 


Anonymous said...

The second photo is my corner deli on Clinton St. and Houston. Really enjoy reading your posts.

NYC taxi photo said...

yes! I was taking Clinton Street to avoid the Rivington and Delancey chaos. Thank you very much for stopping by.