Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had the worst customer ever today. She wanted to go to Laguardia airport from SoHo over the Williamsburg Bridge. I told her there was an accident on that bridge, and we might want to take another way. She said whatever route I thought was the fastest was good. Then all of the sudden she wanted to hear 1010Wins. She told me she was listening to it before she left and they didn't mention the accident. So I turned all the radio station traffic reports up so she could hear, and none spoke about the bridge. 1010Wins in particular even said that all the bridges were clear. She called me a liar and refused to pay the toll. 

I blew up at her yelling about how I saw the accident with my own eyes, how it is insulting to be called a liar, and how the extra money shes paying for the toll isn't going in my pocket, so I wasn't scamming her. What a fuckin' bitch, cunt, motherfucker! (No I didn't use any of that language.) She expressed that she was disapointed with our route, but she wasn't giving it a fair chance. I turned up the radio once again to all the stations, and there it was, Brooklyn bound side of the Williamsburg Bridge, she didn't care. 

She said, "I still can't believe we got into a shouting match"
I said, "It is very insulting that you called me a liar! I just saved you from a big mess!" 

Fucking bitch, I hope she drowns in her own stupidity. She did pay the toll, she had to, because she used a credit card, no tip, fuck if I care. So if anyone sees a dumb blonde bitch in SoHo who is a nurse, and pretends to know New York City, kill her for me.

The fare came to $29.15 including the toll, and took exactly 20 minutes. Seriously if I get one more idiot customer I'm quitting, seriously, I can't take this bullshit.


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

Relax. Please don't give up. NYC can't afford to lose its best cabbies. I was off today and my folks wanted me to take them to Jersey to buy my dad some shoes and a few other things. I did the radio traffic reports. First one said the Holland Tunnel was in good shape. Next thing you know I'm stranded in a hellish line on Canal. Next station said there was a 20 minute wait. Fuck, I could of gone up FDR to the GWB. We ended up going to Sears in Rego Park. Those traffic reports on the radio sometimes save me a lot of time. But not always. And I know exactly how you feel with customers like that. We are bound to get them from time to time. I had three rich ass wipes from Chile get in in SoHo with 2 stops. 1st Macy's. So as I crossed 34th up 6AV and pulled alongside the curb by 35th I asked if that worked... they had these awful faces and said where are you going. Then the one guy who stayed for the 2nd stop (LEX and 58) said I should have gone up Park, when we were on Madison around 33rd. But it cleared out beautifully and would've been same or longer his way. We can only try our best.

Anonymous said...

Thats got to be my X. She is a bad Lay Too.

Real cab driver said...

Thank you for the compliment. I was functionally illiterate when I graduated from the University of Wisconsin a science degree. I never would have believed I'd ever be able to write anything.

After Saturday night, Nov. 1, I seriously wondered if I'd still be able to drive, come Monday after noon. I was still on the schedule, whew. Arguing with a passenger is always more personal risk than it could possibly be worth, so after I've done it myself, I always sweat, and sweating all day Sunday over a jerk, definately isn't worth it. I've never been able to completely stop doing it, but I've really tried.

Unknown said...

Wow I remember those times lol ...that story makes me feel good I am not driving anymore haha

King of New York Hacks said...

No worries , I picked her up tonight and appropriately threw her off the Williamsburg bridge only to hear her last words "Damn you NYC Taxi Photo" and then the splash....Good times bro. I got yo back.

NYC taxi photo said...

Thanks bro. thinking about it still riles me up, though I had a much better day on sunday, actually the ride right after was even good, and he tipped really well.

The Williamsburg birdge accident was so bad, it made the news on the radio the next day. it's probably on the internet somewhere