Friday, October 17, 2008

Shift Shots


Sunnyside, Queens

Far West Side


Shots from 7/5/08


Bum Atom said...

ok you know I love the photographs, I have a question, where is the camera, a dslr im guessing, what kind of camera and your colors are great. How?
don't answer if you don't want to. You liked the sort. The national said no because of the audio, it s bad i should fix and send it back. The NFB is a Canadian and kinda boring
write commnets they are welcome
fuck I love NYC
Ill be living it up there one day
even though I've never been
peace and thanks

NYC taxi photo said...

Thanks, same here, all are always welcome. I use a canon digital rebel xti. I have one alternate lens with a wider aperture for nights, but it doesn't work that good. There are better cameras out now, but it works, and I don't want to spend a month of pay to get a better camera just yet. I use photoshop 3 to bump up color if it needs it, or turn the shots to black and white, contrast, burning, dodging all of that.

eh, new york is great to see, and be a part of, but I wouldn't mind living somewhere else. I could easily see myself finally being comfortable, living somewhere else.

If anybody reads all these comments, this is the video I was talking about

not only is it quality, better quality than what I've seen from other unmentionable people, ahem, ahem, but it's done by this fellow cabbie.

Anonymous said...

is it that you go out to work when it rains, because it's busy then Or does it rain a lot?

NYC taxi photo said...

Well, I guess it rains, or rained a lot. I work the mornings on weekends, so a lot of people don't come out unless they have to.