Friday, October 3, 2008

Lucky breaks with tickets (2 of 3)

-Situation number two:
There is a particular taxi line with such high volume some days it doubles to two lines; one line in the parking lane, and the other in an otherwise moving lane. And on this second line when taxis stop at the intersection while the light is green to wait for their spot on the line at the other end of the intersection they sometimes get a ticket for double parking I assume. I have seen this twice and fortunately I was never precisely at the intersection while the cop was there. Once I saw a cop walking towards me from behind while flipping open the ticket book. The whole line was able to clear out before anybody received a ticket. Avoiding a ticket is three parts hyper-awareness and one part luck, maybe two parts luck.

From this I decided to always stop before the intersection when waiting for a chance at a passenger, then to proceed slowly to the intersection and look for ticketing agents.

Stay tuned for #3 which is way better...

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