Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sipping fuel, and passing the Grey Poupon

So, you're either sick of your Crown Victoria's appetite for gas, or you're irritated by the loss of space in your new compact economy car. Am I right?
Get a load of this thing!

Did you know, that the Ford Crown Victoria taxis of NYC have 9 inches more length than the standard model Crown Vic? Why can't we get a little stretch in our compacts? By the way, that stretchy freak Prius still gets 50 miles to the gallon. What! I still can't get 15 mpgs on my best days.

The Grey Puopon reference:

Oh it gets funnier with age, like a fine wine.


Anonymous said...

The (standard) prius is very narrow looking, Will 3 sit comfy in the back?

NYC taxi photo said...

that's a good point Roy, I don't think so. There are probably 9 or less Prius taxis in the city. Most of the rides are one person rides, and after that most rides are 2 and 3 person rides. very rare to have 4 people. One person could ride in the front. 4 would be a task. The trunk isn't so good either. But, it has better legroom than the average car of it's size.

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