Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shift Shots

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Queensboro Bridge

In SoHo as well as other arty neighborhoods like Williamsburg and the East Village, there is a dichotomy between classes and yet still an apparent tolerance of street art. However especially in the case of the Manhattan neighborhoods, the graffiti and such are leftovers from the early 90's. So what we have here are mostly high end import cars sitting in a parking lot where the wall behind still exhibits a more colorful New York which existed more prominently not so long ago.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Union Square
IMG_8908 copy


Upper East Side
No worries, I let her squeeze in front.

Upper East Side

Shots from 6/7/08


Anonymous said...

I love the one from Union Square.

Anonymous said...

great pics as always, keep em coming

King of New York Hacks said...

what kind of camera do you use ? your pics come out perfect , especially from inside the vehicle ...awesome job !!

NYC taxi photo said...

aw thanks man, I use a canon digital rebel xti. its quick and cheap for a camera of its kind.

but then I do some photoshop to add contrast, bump the colors, and dark the bright spots.

only complaint i have is i wish more of the pictures i took had sharper focus.

ChickenUnderwear said...

I love the Queensboro Bridge photo. I look forward to running the Marathon there on Nov 2

NYC taxi photo said...

ahh, thanks michael, I'll probably be driving then. this was on the upper level, I've biked it once or twice for the 5 borough bike tour, beautiful experience it was.

Mame said...

Gorgeous photos. I'll look for your book early next year...

boweryboogie said...

you've got some awesome pictures here. keep snapping those behind-the-wheel shots!

NYC taxi photo said...

Thank you very much, mame, while i'd like to have a book very much, I have no pending deals for one, but thank you for the well wishes