Wednesday, August 20, 2008

By Decree of Gilbert, I'm Famous!

It started only a month ago when Gilbert added me on Facebook (the social networking site for this generation of socially inept). I knew Gilbert long ago from Junior High School and so I figured it would be nice to see what this crazy kid was up to. It still boggles my mind that at 27 years of age, all those kids I knew throughout my public school education are now adults.  In the span of 13 years we've all evolved or devolved into an assorted fabric of society.

Gilbert, like many of the more successful of my generation, spends his time behind a desk I assume, but like all who were raised in these NYC communities the career takes less priority over his dreams. A simple paycheck is not as important as: The International Rules, A blog he and two others work diligently on. If you're having problems with one of the common obstacles in life, be they your new overpriced non-functioning iphone, or if you for some reason forgot how to wipe your ass The International Rules will be there to remind you how to properly function. And bloggers, if you are looking for some good advice or just a laugh involving how to write a blog, that's how it is, or isn't done.

He writes a damn good blog, and neither he nor the co-authors take a vacation from writing it. Putting forth a solid effort with any mission is something that deserves an award, or some recognition. He aims to have a book published with his rules and lessons of 100, thusly keeping a vision and theme to the outstanding blog.

So I award thee, Gilbert and his cronies, the NYC taxi photo award of diligence and Kissassary.

He found my blog interesting as well and wrote a post, even though it strayed a little from the theme of his blog. The post was published late on Monday, and the very next day my name appeared in the City Room section of The New York Times!!!! with a link to his blog post. 

That day my readership doubled compared to the previous days of the week.

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