Friday, May 30, 2008

Taxi Models: Present

A: The Hybrids:

Lexus RX 400h (26 mpg city)

There was an article somewhere on how one of the Lexus driver/owners had a completely clean driving record even after driving for 30 years, impressive.

Toyota Highlander hybrid (4 wheel drive, 27 mpg city)

Toyota Highlander hybrid (model years 01' to 07')

Toyota Prius (48 mpg city)

Toyota Camry hybrid (33 mpg city)

Ford Escape hybrid (2 wheel drive, 34 mpg city)

The best bang for the buck, the Escape is sweeping the city with more than 1,000 vehicles both privately driven and also, owned by taxi fleets.

Ford Escape hybrid (model years 01' to 07')

Nissan Altima hybrid (35 mpg city)

This car has absolutely no advertising. The only way people learn there is a Nissan hybrid is through word of mouth. Nissan is actually borrowing hybrid technology from Toyota. The Altima is second only to the Toyota Prius in best city gas mileage on the approved T&LC list. Fleets are already starting to purchase the car.

For more info:

UPDATE: Nissan has agreed to supply extra numbers of Altima hybrids as New York taxicabs, and very recently the NYPD has just approved them for use as police patrol cars.

Honda Civic Hybrid

There are only between one and three Honda Civic hybrid taxis in New York. It has less legroom, higher gas mileage, and relatively similar if less trunk room than the environmental front runner, the Toyota Prius.

The Civic is no longer on the approved TLC list.

B: Wheelchair Accessible Taxis:

07' Dodge Caravan: Eclipse Mobility

Ford Freestar

The Ford Freestar was the first of New York's wheelchair accessible cabs. Occasionally I see one still being used so there may be one, or maybe a small handful left on the streets. They are no longer on the approved taxi list. Now only the Dodge Caravan and the Toyota Sienna can be used with wheelchair kits. The Chevy Uplander was the second car to be approved after the Ford Freestar, but in short time it was taken off the approved list, and for some odd reason, there are no Chevy Uplanders on the city streets today as taxicabs.

Toyota Sienna: Freedom Motors Kneelvan

C: Regular Taxis:

IMG_7037 copy
Ford Crown Victoria Stretch

For the past 4 years or so all Crown Victoria NYC taxis have had extended rear doors

Toyota Sienna

Honda Odyssey

Being phased out by the Taxi and Limousine Commission

Honda Odyssey (model years 99' to 04')

Ford Explorer (circa 06')

The Explorer is no longer on the list of approved taxi vehicles, but there are two remaining. When there time as taxis expire, their owner/drivers will probably replace them with the new approved Lexus Hybrid RX400h.


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