Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Popetastic Passover everyone!

It was all going situation normal today before the sun came up, but I knew soon that all of midtown was going to shut down for the various pope locations today. I went to Greenwich Village to my usual coffee shop at 8 am. They always seem a little out of it over there, but what lacks in timely service and perhaps quality, more than makes up for in price and atmosphere. I don't know where else I can get a coffee with soy milk and a pumpernickel bagel with tofu spread for only 3.25 and every eleventh coffee is free. Sure a coffee can be had for as little as 75 cents, but I'm allergic to milk, so I need the fancy treatment. There is actually a health food store around the corner from Katz's in the Lower East Side that sells a coffee with soy milk for only a buck, but the place opens at 10 am, which is already too late for me. Anyway, the cashier forgot to take my money, so it was just sitting there while I waited for my bagel to be toasted. Eventually they realized the accident and took my money. Also eventually I got my bagel, and I returned to my car with a 65 dollar parking ticket, damn! I mis-read the freakin' sign, and it was no parking except sunday, I thought it was no parking monday through friday.

Than I waited an hour and a half at the ship terminal. They were doing the most crazy stuff there. The first ship started letting passengers out at street level where they were all crossing the highway and getting cabs there. Then the officials told us to loop around on the third level back to the first pier, gahhh. The fare wasn't so bad, they went to queens, it was a 22.50 fare and they gave me 30. 

I suppose it could be much worse, I'll take a parking ticket any day, as punishment for taking it easy, instead of a moving violation as punishment for being a knuckle-head. I saw two instances where police pulled up behind taxicabs dropping people off and not pulling over in proper places. You can't have your car over the crosswalk and intersections when stopping. Worse though, I saw the police checking a man's pockets as he placed his hands on the roof of a taxi. Then he drew his hands behind his back to get handcuffed. I checked the driver-seat as I drove past. The seat was empty, engine running. The taxi driver was he, and he was being arrested. 

oh what can I say, Popetastic, Popetacular!

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Paradise Driver said...

Sounds like he had outstanding warrants.