Wednesday, February 13, 2008


(Triangle Below Canal Street)

When I took a family to some restaurant for their lunch I was so impressed by the timelessness of the particular block that I circled it again and took some pictures.


At the garage:

And another rarity. I never saw a vehicle removed from it's chassis, much less a yellow cab. So I had to take the camera out of my bag when I returned the cab to take pictures of this.
There the V8 engine sits on a working chassis, tires, suspension, all that stuff. You can see that scoop down the middle of the car is for the trans-axle.

And a whole body raised, minus the front end. This is old school, body on frame construction. If the monster gets banged up in an accident, the damaged body part is replaced, but the chassis doesn't get damaged as often. So the repairs are cheaper and quicker.

The alternate car design almost everyone else drives is a uni-body construction, where the frame of the car and the body are one. The unibody handles better on the road, holding turns tighter, and in accidents the unibody has built in crumple zones. At higher speeds, a crumple zone will save your life, but it will destroy your car.


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

I love the Taxi raised off it's chassis, I take it that it;s (c)

NYC taxi photo said...

oh as long as you tell people where its from and give a link, you can use it. thanks much.

Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

Done , did you ever install statcounter or google analyical to check where traffic comes from?

Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

about your comment on my blog;
If they visit one page of your website and never reload that page. Then the visit length will be 0 seconds! even if they look at it for an hour!.
I used to get paranoid about that

NYC taxi photo said...

phew, that's a load off