Friday, January 18, 2008

Down Here Below

A newbie to New York, Steve Earle, Has written this beautiful song that I'm hooked on. It is a song from an old time New Yorker's perspective, and I'm not sure how he got it so right.

Ignore the DJ who has no place on that stage.

He's even got a stanza refering to exactly what I was talking about in earlier posts:

Now Hell’s kitchen’s Clinton,  Bowery’s Nolita
And the East Village keeps on creepin’ ‘cross the Williamsburg Bridge
Hell, whatever happened to Alphabet City?
Ain’t no place left in this town that a poor boy can go

There are a few small issues. There is obviously more than one Red Tailed Hawk in the city, the one in Central Park gets all the fame. In fact I have even seen wild turkeys in Manhattan. Well I also saw a nude man picking crap out of his own ass, but that's beside the point. 

I had no idea who Joe Mitchell was, another reference in the song so Here's the Wiki page for Joseph Mitchell

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