Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friday, 12-28-07

I've been a little behind, 
but this is the last of the pictures from last year.

I highly recommend clicking on each picture to get a larger window

The party people had come and gone in Chelsea and elsewhere. 
As a man cleans the curb for coming day's business.

Upper East Side
There is a time in the morning where dawn gives 
faint enough light to see our streets, yet the 
lights from inside buildings still poke through.


Somehow these two got into an accident strong enough 
to deploy the airbags. Apparently there are over 
5,000 doctors in NYC if you have healthcare.

42nd Street pedestrian survey east bound:


Anonymous said...

add the last shot to your portfolio my friend.

NYC taxi photo said...

ah thanks, and dude, we should totally do another ride and shoot day.

Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

All those people look like something out of a Lowry painting. great study well done