Thursday, December 6, 2007

Saturday 12/1

Before sunrise I saw camels outside Radio City Music Hall, I guess everybody wants to see the christmas spectacular, even camels? Once the sun came up there was a huge line of people where the camels once were. 

Occasionally I find cab drivers and car service drivers stepping in and out of their car trunks. Just cleaning up I suppose.

Shots by Neighborhood:

2-Garment District
4-Midtown (Rockefeller Center) (Radio City Music Hall)
5,6,7,8-Hell's Kitchen
9-Upper East Side (the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
10-East Village

All selected pictures from Saturday are in Chronological order.


Anonymous said...

Whats goin on ? How come that dude is jumping in the trunk of the cab! crazy picture mate! Whats with the camels?...... ha... now that's totally unexpected..... hehehe.... i like the le express image and the what looks like dawn at the docks..... this certainly is a wide range of images ... you been busy bro!

See ya tomorrow morning.... I'll be the wrecked out dude in the green jacket and the cameras

cheers jez XX

NYC taxi photo said...

Hey man thanks for the comments. Funny how things look normal enough in life, but when you look back at them as pictures, these moments are totally ridiculous.

yep, see ya there

g said...

what's the story behind the camels?

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the man coming out of the truck; it is perfect choice for the header.