Monday, December 17, 2007

12/8/07 Saturday

Spanish Harlem

Midtown (Park Avenue)

East Village

The Bowery (The New Museum of Contemporary Art)
This week, a week after I shot this, I picked up two gentlemen and brought them over to the New York Historical Society. I felt really lucky to be in the company of others who also respected New York history, but then they threw me a curve.

They Asked, "How much do you think a cab ride would be from there to the Museum of Contemporary Art? would it be 20?"

When they told me it was on the Bowery and Prince Street, I knew what building this was. There was only one monolith of evil that would claim such arrogance to be a museum when in fact it is assisting in the destruction of the Lower East Side. Remember when architects would design buildings to blend with the respective environments?

Don't get me wrong now, I told them that it would most likely be less then 20 dollars, unless they encountered a lot of traffic. 

But I couldn't let this go, "That building, oh I know that building," I said, rolling my eyes, and my vocal cords.

"Yeah, it is quite a different looking unique building," they replied.

"So you're going to the New York Historical Society now, and then you'll be traveling down to see a brand new building that doesn't fit in with the rest of the neighborhood?" 

okay, okay, so I didn't say that.. we made small talk about it being Ponce de Laffayette day. Apparently Laffayette did something really great during the revolutionary war. Coincidentally Laffayette street runs parallel to Bowery, the very neighborhood they would be visiting later, to applaud the destruction of our history.

Lower East Side

Long Island City, Queens



Straight ahead


g said...

if you pass by something interesting and you have a passenger, will you still stop to shoot?

what camera do you use? i'm curious because you shoot a lot of night stuff, and sometimes i'm sure you can't help but shoot while the car is in motion because it's inconvenient to stop. =)

Paradise Driver said...

I am here with every new post. :)

NYC taxi photo said...

Oh thanks guys, you know how it is with blogs, you never really know how many readers you truly have.

and g, I have a Canon Digital Rebel xti.

When it snows I feel much more comfortable taking pictures while driving, and with passengers. There are so many times I stop, to pick up passengers, to drop off passengers, red lights, traffic. Also, the traffic moves so slow sometimes, that I can do both at the same time.

I'd never want to inconvenience my passengers :-)

Paradise Driver said...

Go to Stat Counter and download a counter/tracker. You might just be surprised where, and how many, people visit.

Anonymous said...

Just gotta say, your pics really capture the big city nicely. I grew up in a metro area, but am now in a smaller place. These remind me of my old home, although we're on opposite coasts. Keep up the great work!

NYC taxi photo said...

Thanks, I appreciate that.

And I really enjoy your blog, and how it seems you get a more intimate connection with your environment out there, the hookers, the dark solitary nights, the police, and the punk kids.

Anonymous said...

Loving the constant updatea, do you own your own cab or medallion? Where are you based out of? I am a cabbie/photographer too and probably NYCs youngest cabbie!