Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday: Marathon: 11/04

With two hours left in my shift, I decided to drive back to the garage. 

Four officers in a squad car told me that I needed to wait for 2 hours when they re-open the streets before I could enter my garage. That wouldn't work for me so I found nicer police woman guarding the intersection. She told me that I could go through since I wasn't actually driving through the marathon itself. It was kinda cool that right in front of the garage the marathon was happening.


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

Those Marathon runners leave some mess behind them! same happens in Dublin.
What is the sinifigance of 4mins?
I Just found you by the way, I'll add a link to your blog now

NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, funny thing, after 26 years this was the first time I actually saw the marathon. turns out people actually come to the starting line of the marathon just to collect grabage and use it for themselves or donate it to charity.

my name is just to keep my identity more anonymous. Also I figured it would be ideal to have rides that only last 4 minutes. You can sometimes go 10 blocks in 4 minutes, but the rides usually last 10.