Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Saturday 10/27

15 shots from 10/27, posted from early in the shift to the end. Click on each image to enlarge.

Downtown, Manhattan
The rain had brought me luck. I just completed a ride to Brooklyn, and then from Brooklyn a ride to Wall Street. I got even more good fortune by having a successful shot here. I just got a new lens for my camera with an F2.8 aperture. previously this would be too dark and/or too blurry.

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Meat Packing District, Manhattan
It was 5:30 am, only an hour ago everyone wanted a taxi. All that remained were two broken umbrellas in a flooded cobblestone street. Two taxis linger in the distance, waiting to take bartenders home.

Gramercy, Manhattan
There is always a place for cheap coffee.

Upper East Side, Manhattan
It's the season when heat from underground contrasts with fall weather, and pushes upward. 

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Before sunrise there is at least one newspaper delivery van in each neighborhood. They drive slow, cross all lanes of the streets, and drive through the red lights. But the vans are a welcome sight amidst the otherwise lonely hours.

Midtown, Manhattan
From Park Avenue, it seems bustling downtown is miles away.

Midtown, Manhattan
The private garbage trucks make the rounds as well the newspaper vans. This is a private truck, they are hired by buildings to take the trash the city trucks don't take. 

Hells Kitchen, Manhattan
This is the first and only time I saw a Nissan Altima hybrid taxi. Isn't it cool?

Upper West Side
It still continued to rain. At Riverside Drive, a high schooler walks to the park to play soccer perhaps?

Downtown, Manhattan

If anybody has seen the movie "The French Connection", this street was the scene where the police waited for their Cadilac to be stolen. Today, especially during the daytime, this little street next to the Brooklyn Bridge is the farthest thing from dangerous. Three blocks down is the tourist trap, South Street Seaport which features a mall, a museum, and lots of chain restaurants. 
Through the chain-linked fence, I found some natural shrubbery. The rain makes it all look good, even the housing project in the background.

Downtown, Manhattan

East Village, Manhattan
Why did everybody want to go west that day? 

Lower East Side, Manhattan
I ended my shift by this time, and was aiming to go back across the Williamsburg Bridge, when I saw these old advertisements.

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Eugene Salomon said...

I love the old advetisements on buildings. It's voices from the past calling out to us.