Friday, October 12, 2007

Why do Cab drivers drive like that?

I found this video just now after seeing it months earlier and thought it should be shared. Besides being funny, it may bring some facts to light; well not really. It is just a short cartoon of the yes' and no's of driving safely... and conveniantly.

Rules of the urban road

This topic gets me started on an uncontrollable digression....
Maybe after watching this humorous short, drivers will stop throwing things at Cabbies. More than once I have seen BMW drivers throw Poland Spring bottles at cabbies when they stop and pick people up. Yes, folks there is a reason why some taxis have the sticker that reads, "Do Not Tailgate," it turns out taxis pick people up for a living. If you don't drive with your brain, you shouldn't be driving at all. Once a van driver after threatening to kill me, decided to throw his water on my windshield, I guess I wasn't supposed to pass a double parked van. Oops, sometimes I forget that cars are pulling out to drive when they don't signal.

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