Sunday, September 16, 2007

part 3 sabbatical explained

part 1 of 3 sabbatical explained
part 2 of 3 sabbatical explained
Despite seeming like a terrible accident at first, my incident with the passenger was cleared up in somewhat good time for New York standards. While the police stood with me, the officer scolded a BMW driver with New Jersey plates, for talking on the phone while driving. The police filled out the remaining pieces of the accident report sitting in the squad car, the woman whose foot got run over walked away, the ambulance, fire truck, rookie cops, and the bigger squad car had all left.

The “Doctor” who was one of the first witnesses, came up to me and told me that she (the one who got her foot run over) was ok, if I was concerned. I sighed a small sigh and in true cabbie fashion, I asked him if he would attest to her condition being okay and sign my trip sheet. Unfortunately he wouldn’t surrender his opinion for the record.

The officer gave me a receipt slip, which I could turn in to the station later in the week for a 10-dollar copy of the full police report. He also was nice enough to give my passenger’s name and phone number on the backside, if I felt so inclined to call her. I’d rather keep the past as a blip in my rear view, and continue feeling adequate that I did everything I could.

After all was said and done, my time for the shift was in its last hour, not that it mattered, I always return to the garage after an accident, well almost always.

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Eugene Salomon said...

So what happened with the confusion over the registration? Did the cops realize they were wrong?... Lenny was right, taxis in NYC never have registrations. The rate card is all they need to see.

NYC taxi photo said...

ahhh, thank you for that. seems strange that nobody ever knows that, including cops. yeah it wasn't a problem that there wasn't any registration.