Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Header?

Does everyone like my new header, (the photo on the top)? I'm thinking I'll change the photo every week. I thought I might make it smaller, does the large picture size bother anybody? I'm trying to get the border line out, but to no avail.


Paradise Driver said...

I would suggest the Letters be made a more contrasting color.

You can keep the width but eliminate the unnecessary black at the top and bottom to give it more of a "banner" feel.

Just my 2-cents.

And I do like it.

NYC taxi photo said...

yes, thanks, i've been trying to get rid of the lines, i'll keep trying. and i'll give the title a little more white.

NYC taxi photo said...

ahh much better.

Ted Martin said...

The photo header is great. I might try to copy you on that.