Monday, August 13, 2007


Check out these photo blogers:
Express Train
joe's nyc

Aside from these pictures being amazing most and usually all the time, the blog formats are easy to navigate and elegant in their simple form.

It is clear that is just not geared towards a photoblogger. So I may use another blog provider for pictures and keep the writing here. It would be kind of a gamble because blogger's accessability is higher, and the domain names here are easy to remember. Perhaps this is all just petty, and I should just make a website.

I'm really close I feel to posting the story of why I quit taxi driving. And when I post it I may finally overcome the block and start driving a cab again.

Stay tuned because as always, I have so many pictures to show you.
If I start that other photoblog, I'll tell you.

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Mary Hilton said...

Awesome photos! Can I add a link to my Newbie NYC blog ( under "Best NYC Blogs"?

NYC taxi photo said...

Best NYC Blogs? Hurray!! Your already linked here, always good to have another great blog to read.