Friday, July 27, 2007

a new face

click here:Taxi fleet with new labels: Pictures of almost every model of taxi in new york with new labels. All that is unaccounted for is a Dodge Caravan, and Honda Civic. I guess the ford minivans won't be around much longer.

A TLC sample picture of the Crown Vic with new decals:

I think it's cool that the taxi will have a little face lift, but I fear this may be a botched surgery. The new taxi fare decal is too small, how is anyone supposed to read that?

A current Crown Victoria:

taxi cab in SoHo around 2003 (note the old prices):

taxi cab at the old Gaseteria (now BP) in SoHo around 2003:


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NYC taxi photo said...

thanks, i'll be sure to seek other photoblogs with this. not officially a CDPB huh? oh well, i don't think it should be, the postings are fewer and farther between.