Wednesday, June 13, 2007

6/09, 6/10


Newark Airport, NJ

Downtown, Manhattan


Tribeca, Manhattan

Lower East Side/East Village, Manhattan

Bowery, Manhattan


Ted Martin said...

These are great. I especially like the one with the guy standing by the fence with the large bag in front of him. Also, I liked the last one, with the crumpled truck (or van) on the left.

Your skills (and equipment) outclass me.

Michael said...

Hey Forman,

Looks like we're prowling some of the same N.Y.C. streets in search of photos. Would you be interested in swapping links?

All the best,

Michael said...

Yeah, the photo of the man with the bag is really nice. Let me guess: Trinity Church?

NYC taxi photo said...

yep, if trinity is the one by the millenium hotel and the WTC path station.

modern tails said...

I love the one with the striped socks and the extra pair of shoes. You really capture NY. Great blog.