Thursday, May 31, 2007

5/26, 5/27 images

Midtown, Manhattan

Pulaski Skyway, Kearny, NJ

West Side, Manhattan
A pile of reserve salt just incase it snows again.

Chinatown, Manhattan
The traffic was light, but still we almost had some *Gridlock*

Downtown, Manhattan

Chinatown, Manhattan

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My trip sheet at the end of the day. I will try to take a picture after each shift.

Long Island City, Queens
The 7 train station and the beautiful sunny neighborhood.


Dave said...

I love the guy and the one dog. Alert! What's up with the little dog?

Croping might make a really good picture?

NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, I took a customer there and only traveled about a foot when I saw this character and his dogs. I wonder if he was friends with the guy I dropped off, so the dog knew him.

I gave cropping some thought. I wondered if perhaps it would distract to cut part of the suv in the background. but yeah, still might be a good idea.

Dave said...

My thought would be to cut right behind the guy so he and the dog are leaning into the picture. I think you could cut out the car hood in the forground. SUV is uneffected then. Picture is good whichever way you do it.