Sunday, April 29, 2007

What could possibly be worse?

Well I could come up with a bunch of scenarios that could be worse. Anyway, the taxi was towed in front of where I lived yesterday. Outragous! well it was illegally parked. I somehow thought that since everyone parked illegally there and put their B.S. police and fire department badges on the dash, I could park for 2 hours.

I come back after a nap and a breakfast and it's gone. I call the garage to get the plate number. Then I call 311 which directs me to the dmv violations bureau which is all electronic, and they don't have the plate on file, So I call 311 again to get the number of the local police precinct. The precinct was very helpful, giving me the number of the marshall and the tow lot. The marshall never picked up, but the tow lot did, and they had the car too; they needed license and registration. Registration! but i'm a taxi, do we have that? So I had to go to the garage to pick that up.

I took a cab to the subway. The cab was really friendly and he shut off the meter a block early, but I gave him 6 bucks when it was 3.70 anyway. then 'D' at the garage was nice enough to drive me to the lot with the papers. after about 20 minutes, I got the car back, paying 185 dollars in cash, and I still have a 65 dollar ticket to pay. The garage then did me a second favor and allowed me to drive for another 2 hours, and so I picked up 65 dollars from that. so in total I may have lost 40 dollars yesterday... Sonofa!

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Eugene Salomon said...

Bummer! Bet you won't make that mistake again.