Sunday, April 8, 2007

mini update, and a link.

so i'm off this weekend. I am worried also that I may soon get a note from the Department of Motor Vehicles, about a hearing to suspend my driver's license. So far everything's fine, but I'm nervous. I'll update more on all the tickets in a later post.

I just went off to Boston to see some of my fellow senior's shows where I attended school and finished last year. I had great food, and many a drink. Then I got rides with friends down to the middle of Connecticut to see an old high school friend and celebrate his first daughter's first birthday. Now I'm off to Grandmother's house for Easter. Also I went to Pensylvania for a family Passover get together. My week's been full. Oh i gotta go now

Yellow cab turns 100, at

this link references taxi appreciation week here in nyc. It is their statement of intent i appreciate more; to support urban free thinking.

please do check out the blog about the bike messengers and see the crazy youtube videos:

Getting the message through, at

You Tube videos:
Bike messengers are on crack, by Lucas Brunell
Yak the messenger, by Louis Shwartzberg

Why do I post about bike messengers? They are just another part of the city and I have massive respect for them. Countless bicyclists get killed every year in NYC. We do have bike lanes but the lanes are too small. Double parked cars, pedestrians, and buses pose as threats to their exhistance. I used to ride up the avenues in my late teen years, but now that I drive a taxi, I realize how every move a biker makes is only as good as the moves a driver of an automobile makes to avoid them.


Eugene Salomon said...

I am still amazed at how many bikers don't take the slight trouble to put flashing lights on the front and the backs of their bikes. I think many of them don't realize the danger they are in from lack of visibility. Maybe you have to be a driver in the city to understand this.

NYC taxi photo said...

Yeah I agree, I think the bikers without lights problem may even be worse in Boston because of poorly lit streets. the bikers there think they're the shit there too, they're just idiots though, but you didn't hear that from me.

However, I feel that the accomodations for bikes in new york make it impossible for effective bicycle transportation without breaking substantial amounts of rules.

Still, I absolutely i agree with you, bikers need lights on, even in the rain during the day. And they need to where helmets, It is not so stupid looking when it saves your life. I've heard several stories of bikers hit by trucks and SUV's smashing their heads into the pavement or walls, if they weren't wearing helmets, they'd be dead.