Friday, April 13, 2007

fare is fair

There was one more fare I forgot to mention, I picked him up at the parking garage by the Lincoln Tunnel. Before getting in he motioned towards his oral smoking thingy, I wasn’t sure if it was a cigarette so I was more inclined to say no. He put it out got in and wanted to go to White Street and West Broadway. I was pretty sure of where I was going and I got there quick, but when I got to Franklin Street and West Broadway, I just wasn’t sure where White was. The map showed all the streets intersecting, non taxi drivers just have no idea how annoying it is looking at maps that do not depict the streets clearly enough. Anyway I figured White was just one block north, so I offered to drive around the block with the meter off to be sure. Sure enough it was right there. The total came to 12.20, something like that, and he gave me a 20 and told me to add 2, my Achilles heel, I can’t do math. Lets see 1220 plus 2 is 14.20, so that’s fifteen. I hand him over fifteen.

“Man, I think your not operating so good, I think it’s too late for you. I’m gonna do you a favor okay.”

He gives me the 10 back.

“Are you sure that’s right?” I ask.

“Yeah I’m sure”


Bijoy said...

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Warm Regards

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John said...

I love the photos.
I didn't know that liners still pulled into NY. It is such a civalised way to travel, none of that revving and panic!!!! not to mention all tha different booking rates.
Keep up the blog.

joel said...

Wow... you just ripped yourself off for $2-5, depending on perspective:

amount owed: 12.20
amount owed with tip: 14.20
amount tendered: 20.00

change owed: 7.80
change owed after tip: 5.80
change given: 10.00

you effectively gave up your tip, and $2.20 of the metered fare.

NYC taxi photo said...

no joel, i gave him 15, he gave me ten back, so i gave him 5 from his 20. 20 minus 5 is 15.