Monday, April 23, 2007

weekend of 4/21-22

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Times Square District, Manhattan

Midtown, Manhattan

Astoria, Queens

Battery Park, Manhattan

Times Square, Manhattan

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Downtown, Manhattan

Midtown, Manhattan

Midtown, Manhattan

Long Island City, Queens


Crabbie said...

You seem to spend an awful lot of time in Queens. My understanding was that NYC yellow cab drivers hated the outer boroughs, and didn't get much business there (maybe aren't even legally allowed to?).

Granted, this is not a subject on which I'm particularly well-informed.

NYC taxi photo said...

well, many cab drivers do dislike driving to the outer boroughs. during busy times, it takes a lot of money away. it's not legal to refuse a fare though, and when it isn't so busy, it's nice to get an expensive fare. Queens is starting to become easier to navigate for me, and the taxi garage is there too. i'll try to post a story soon that touches on this.