Monday, April 2, 2007

Another Day another... quarter??

This weekend seemed slower than the past few. This season so far has been just splendid. I’m starting a somewhat regular routine of getting the cab between 2 and 3:30 in the morning and then I head down to the Lower-East Side. Ideally I then shuffle between the Lower-East side, the East Village, and the Meatpacking District. Sometimes it seems like all of New York is partying in these three neighborhoods. If I get anywhere else I tend to race back to these three hot spots.

Once 430 to 5am rolls around, I think about these two locations, Lexington Ave and 46th Street, and 28th Street between 10th and 11th Ave. These two places have clubs that stay busy till’ 5am, but I don’t feel great about picking up especially at the far west side 28th street area. I was never big on clubs, I hate them really, I don’t like the types that go there. Everyone is looking to be somebody different in my opinion, different from who they truly are. The big spender’s are probably looking for jobs, The nicely dressed are cocaine fiends from Queens, and all the hottest couples might just be acting out one of their various relationships. It’s a very cynical view, and probably the reality is better than I portray it, but I feel that there is something shady about the people who go there, the management of these scenes, and the act that everyone involves themselves with when attending the plastic galla that is, fake New York. Bottom line, I don’t like taking people out to queens from the far west side, nor the belly of Brooklyn, further more I’d appreciate it if your idea of a good time wasn’t touching other people’s fun zones. I mean really, you live in New York, can’t you just be happy that lots of hot women live here, and you know, leave them alone?

28th Street between 10th and 11th Ave, Manhattan

So this Friday night A.K.A. Saturday morning, wasn’t so hip. I got a fare out to Bushwick Brooklyn and as I crawled along deeper down the avenue I got stuck at several red lights behind what else, The Toyota Corolla. No biggie I guess, It only took at most 5 minutes of my time, but when I dropped them off, I rounded down the total from 16.20, to 16, and the shmucks didn’t tip! Hey, but it was early in the night, or day, and I shot up to catch some more pre-dawn madness. I dropped a fare from the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge, there is a very cool bar there, to the Christopher Street Path train station, 8.20, she made it 10. I picked up some people who asked to be taken to the other path train station at 9th Street before they got in, I feel sorry for those who feel they need to ask permission to ride in the cab, there a lot of very paranoid racist drivers out there who only stop for whites, seriously in 2007. So after waiting at a light at Greenwich for longer than I liked, I then shot around the corner hooked a quick right at the next yellow, and cruised east on 10th, they got out at West 4th, he gave me a dollar and some change, and he told me that he was not in the right place and some people had it out for him, I saved him some trouble, and he didn’t wanna be part of it. Ahh so be it, he paid me 2 dollars and change and the meter read 3.80. How can I be so tolerant you ask? The ride recorded on the receipt took 1 minute. I am a firm believer in karma. Even though I don’t really believe that he was in any trouble, but why then would you go from one station to the next? He had to be feeling that way, but then if so, was my fare before them in trouble? Pshh, maybe he knew some people that didn’t like him, hey, maybe he, I dunno, owed them money, since he doesn’t seem to have any.

So the morning wasn’t going so well, I seemed to be getting the cheapskates, a woman who’d rather take the train to Jersey then ride a cab, understandable, and a 20 minute ride to Brooklyn with no tip and an underpayment, make that two underpayments. Then my luck got better as I got a guy from the East Village to the West Village, and then right on the drop I got another ride all the way to Amsterdam and 108th Street. That was 4.60 or so, and then 16.40 I think. They both tipped about 20% I believe, which is a common tip and one I prefer. It’s not so cool if you ride for 15 bucks or more and tip a dollar, not cool. Also If your from “The Village,” you don’t call it, “The Village.” I grow fonder of you, when you specify East or West. Where do you live, Salem, motherfu..dger?

I suppose this blog is long enough, for fun sake you might want to look on google maps to reference all my locations. Plenty more soon-

Oh hey while I'm on my negative comment streak. You rich folks in the Upper-East, and the Upper-West Sides, You Park Avenue Schmucks, I don't cruise your neighborhoods, cause I don't like your tips with change, and I don't like it when you ask for change back. Everyone else in New York is struggling to survive, yet they still have time to endulge in overpriced affairs and they don't worry about their change. The cost of living is up my friends.


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