Friday, March 9, 2007

An old friend

So last sunday I saw a friend of mine, an old friend. I had already dropped off fares two seperate times at this NoHo corner and even picked up once, so I figured I'd idle here as the sun came up. There were three groups of friends who'd forgotten about time or even the presence of the sun. They'd been standing there hours upon hours talking about nothing in particular and enjoying every moment of the present. I get impatient quickly, and this was no exception at first. I waited five minutes and was about to give up on my prediction that they would go for an impulse cab buy. then I saw someone who I hadn't seen in years, and so it became more interesting. he was wearing a hoody, and some fancy boots, but he held his cigarette the same way, so I studied him for a while until he started to leave with everyone. Yes it was totally him. He was in the same graduating class with me in High School, and he also worked at the same health food store I worked at in the east village about five years ago now. So I called out his name, and eventually someone else who paid more attention to his surroundings started calling his name too. He was surprised to say the least. He knew I would give him a free ride and hoped in with two friends before I offered.

They didn't seem to comprehend the idea of their friend knowing a cab driver, so it was a nice lesson for everyone about social something. He tried to bring me in by mentioning that I was related to Bjork, it got there attention for a brief moment. But when I explained jokingly that my cousin's uncle married, the cousin of her uncle's brother, or some shit, they focused their energy back to the rear of the cab. Neither of the two noticed that the meter was off. He told me staright forward that he was going near the world trade center and that he'd show me when we got there. then the woman, she might have been wearing mink, wanted to go to the west village, but i was already in Chinatown. So I pulled over so we could get on the same page.

"What are you doing?" they exclaim in unison.

"I'm just waiting 'till you figure out where you wanna go."

Then He explains once again that I'm a high school friend of his and that the ride was free. And i clarify that it is free so long as it is just one ride. So down broadway we go. I ask him repeatedly what he's been doing lately, and he gets caught trying to figure out whom he should pay more attention to. He dosen't tell me where he works, but manages to tell me he jerks off twice a week, the woman exclaims that is not nearly enough, I agree, but nobody cares. He asked if I hang out with anyone from high school anymore. I give it some thought. No i guess not. I slow down at Murray,

"Is this where you're going?" I ask.

"lets creep there. oh yes, yes this is the place."

Another story ensues.
They all get out. And he feels a little awkward for a moment,

"hey, so it was nice to see you, uh i guess, I uh.."

"There's always myspace."

It's odd when people drop off the face of the earth. It's about time we realized it's not really possible, and blah blah blah. It was cool to finally have seen a friend and been able to take them somewhere for free. In NYC it is not beneficial to arange this ahead of time, because we might miss a good fare, but sometimes things fall into place. My first week I called out a friend's name at 5am in SoHo, but they were probably freaked so they didn't know it was me.


John said...

You paint a bleak picture of New York.
Sometimes I feel that Dublin is going the same way.

NYC taxi photo said...

I guess I could see why it seems that way, though I don't feel it's so bleek.