Monday, March 26, 2007

peace and quiet

Always, peaceful, that's why I love this job. I drive a big box of sanctity while still keeping in touch with the outside flows of traffic.

Anyway I was lucky enough to drop off at the W and then pick-up.

"Do you need any singles?"-says the doorman.

"No I'm good," I show my wad of about 10 singles.

"Good day ma'am, and how are you doing this fine day."-doorman

yakadeey shmakadee...

"Javitz Center"- doorman

"Thank you very much sir"- I, myself that is

The woman gets in and says very soon, "Aren't sundays in the city so wonderful?"

"I couldn't agree more, sundays are my favorite days"

But then silence fell upon us. there just wasn't anything to add to this. A couple kissed in front of us before entering their cab, and it was done with great timing all while the traffic light was red. I honked a few times because this was a common path to the Lincoln Tunnel, or because it was a popular street to look for parking. If I were looking for parking, or going to the Lincoln Tunnel, I'd prefer not to take this street, but people are stupid.

Why blog about this? Because I wondered what exhibition was at the Javits Center, but I was afraid to ask. I already said "sundays are my favorite days." did I really want to further my douche status by asking what show are you going to jee golly, to this stimulating conversation.

So we arrive shortly, and she pays.

"What show is here?"

SLAM... she left

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Just discovered your blog and have added it to my cab-blogs links.