Sunday, March 4, 2007

doth my insomnia fall on a deaf ear?

No story this time. I’m up and its 11:54 pm. I got to wake up at 1am to get out the door by 1:30, to make it to the garage at 2:30. Then I may get the cab, or I may have to wait ‘till just before 3am. Enough stories, I think they aren’t genuine enough. Stories about others aren’t my primary interest, but sometimes they can be intriguing or humorous.

I’m up because of two things; one, I went to Los Angeles for four days to visit some friends who I went to a small college with about three years ago, and two, my left ear is clogged and I wonder if I will ever hear out of it again. I decided that I shouldn’t drive yesterday since my ear was clogged and I managed maybe 3 hours of sleep. My plane arrived at 10:30 pm, and the Jet Blue televisions were just too irresistible. At least there wasn’t a crying baby next to me, there was on my way there.

Anyway I had a lovely time in Los Angeles and I’d like to thank all the friends from the old college and there about, and the friends of friends who kept my stay lively. No thanks to the house cat who was psychotic. She attacked me two out of four mornings. I think I was invading her space. It’s too bad that her space is the kitchen, dinning room, laundry room, and hallway.

I will post again very soon, within two days I figure, with pictures from last weekend’s taxi driving, this past week’s trip to L.A., and possibly a picture or two from this coming shift.

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